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 Guild Leveling Rewards.

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PostSubject: Guild Leveling Rewards.   Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:57 am

Active and loyal members of Revelation here's your chance for some free equipment or giveaway.

Level 100 Reward.
6 * lv100 Rings of your choice.
Note: However this only applies to those whom I have deemed active and loyal
Note: You must be lv90 or below when you joined the guild to receive this reward.

1 * Lv105 Necklace of your choice.
Note: This only applies to those who joined between lv95-104.
Note: If you did not receive Lv100 Reward.

However, you may choose lv100 reward or lv105 reward at Lv 105.

Level 113 Reward.
1 * Phoenix Equipment of your choice.
Note: If you joined as early as lv110 you are guarateed to receive this reward.
Note: You cannot receive this reward if you joined at lv110

Level 121 Reward
1 * Dragon God's Equipment of your choice.
Note: This only applies to those I deemed active and loyal.
Note: You must have completed the lv120 upgrade for main to receive such.

Level 130 Reward
- This has been omitted as we don't currently have the fund to reward such.

NOTE: Must remind me otherwise I will not be able give you your reward. I don't have the ability to monitor each and everyone's progress.
NOTE: We will Guild Craft the equipments if there is a crafter in guild, otherwise you will receive a +0 equipment of your choice.

NOTE: Also you must post here or mail me[Incarnate] If you have chosen your reward. I cannot answer your every questions that is why this forum is created. I'm also a gamer just like everyone else. Only difference is I have more responsibilities than most of you folks. So please understand and try not to burden me with everything.
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Guild Leveling Rewards.
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